Six generations of Flour Milling & Rusk Manufacture by the Wood Family

1849 Thomas Wood (1815-1888) comes to Birstwith to manage a Cotton Spinning and Flour Mill for the Greenwood Family
1864 The supplies of cotton dry up because of the American civil war and the Cotton Mill closes. Thomas Wood takes over the Flour Mill which had five pairs of stones driven by a waterwheel.
1875 Frederick Thomas (FT) Wood (1848-1914) son of Thomas moves from Birstwith Mill to Bishop Monkton & Ripon Mills
1885 Thomas Wood retires and the Mill is run by a partnership of his sons, William and George
1886 FT returns to Birstwith Mill and his brother William goes to Bishop Monkton & Ripon Mills. Birstwith Mill becomes FT & G Wood. FT commisssions the first Rollermill plant, which is installed by Henry Simon Ltd of Manchester. The waterwheel is replaced by a Turbine.
1894 The Mill is re-modelled by Henry Simon Ltd
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